Count Everest (crucified) wrote in lonelytowns,
Count Everest

027; the stars, the moon, they have all been blown out

26 Multi-fandom for landofart


Adrian Raines (Bloodbound) | Brandon Flowers | Christian Slater | Daniel Day-Lewis | Elliot Alderson (Mr. Robot)

Florence Welch | Childish Gambino | Harvey Russell (Rampage) | Ike Evans (Magic City) | Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The Killers | Lady GaGa | The Man | Negan (The Walking Dead) | Olivia Nevrakis (The Royal Romance)

Paul Thomas Anderson | Queen B | JD Richter (Extant) | Solace | Texas Rising

Ultraviolence | Luke Vaughn (Heist) | Wonderful Wonderful | XO | Yellow

Zugzwang (Extant episode) | Alternate | Alternate

Tags: :icons, actor: christian slater, actor: daniel day lewis, actor: jeffrey dean morgan, actor: rami malek, celeb: paul thomas anderson, movie: rampage, movie: solace, music: beyonce, music: brandon flowers, music: childish gambino, music: florence + the machine, music: lady gaga, music: lana del rey, tv: extant, tv: magic city, tv: mr. robot, tv: texas rising, tv: the walking dead
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